Feb 24

2014 ECHO Hockey Day

I dont always - hockey clown copyYou are invited to the ECHO Hockey Day!

Saturday 15th March 2014, 2:00pm – 7:00pm at Koonung Hockey Ground in Mont Albert North.

The afternoon includes:

  • Junior clinic for Under 14′s, Under 12′s, Under 10′s and Minkey  (2:00-3:00pm)
  • Women’s intra-club round robin tournament (3:00-6:00pm)
  • Men’s intra-club round robin tournament (4:00-7:00pm), and
  • BBQ from 5:00pm.

All players need to register for the day at www.echohockey.org.au/hockeyday by Monday 10th March 2014.  This will guide catering and selection of teams.

If you have any questions please direct them to:

  • Junior – Stuart Mackenzie (juniors@echohockey.org.au)
  • Men’s – Tim Jensen (dragflickfanatic@gmail.com)
  • Women’s – Natalie Oglesby (natoglesby@gmail.com)

Everyone is welcome with no obligation to register for the Winter season.   It’s a great chance for new players to be introduced to hockey and ECHO as well as to kick off the 2014 Winter season.

Go to www.echohockey.org.au to learn more about the club, contact us at echohc@hockeyvictoria.org.au or register for the 2014 Winter season at www.echohockey.org.au/registration

Feb 05

2014 Winter Season – Registrations now open

Pre-gameRegistrations are now open for what promises to be a ground breaking year for ECHO hockey club.  This Winter season ECHO has entered 8 teams in the Men’s, Women’s and Junior competitions and is looking at entering a number of further teams. The Club is also building on the Minkey program for 5 to 7 year olds that will be run during Junior training.


To register or indicate your interest for the 2014 season go to: www.echohockey.org.au/registration.  We request that all Summer and Winter players fill out the form even if you are not planning to be a regular player this season.


Players of all standards are welcome and we encourage players to bring along friends to play or test the water. We also welcome non hockey player assistance to; team manage, coach, umpire or assist with the general running of the Club.
Registration: To register for the season click here and follow the links.
Season details:
Senior season: 18 rounds plus 3 finals
Juniors and Masters Season: 14 rounds plus 2 gala days and 2 finals (no finals for Under 10s)

Matches: Seniors
  • Saturday afternoons (ECHO is now the only Metro Club to play on Saturdays)
  • Under 10s and Under 12s – Saturday mornings
  • Under 14s – Early Friday evenings

Season commences: Saturday 26th of April

Finals: Held in September
Senior: Wednesday nights 8:15pm – 9:45pm at Koonung Secondary College, Mont Albert North
Junior (Minkey and Under 10s): Wednesday nights 6:00pm – 6:45pm at Yarra Valley Grammar, Ringwood
Junior (Under 12s and Under 14s): Wednesday nights 6:45pm – 7L45pm at Yarra Valley Grammar, Ringwood
Season Fees

  • Hockey Victoria has an Individual Membership fee to help fund region coordinators and help grow the game, this is $15pp for adults and $10pp for children, this new fee is included in the fees.
  • Season fees also include Hockey Victoria competition team registration, basic player insurance, coaching, equipment, ground hire for training and competition matches and Umpire fees.


Senior – Regular


Senior – Students


Juniors – Under 12s and Under 14s


Juniors – Under 10s




*All late fees will go up by an additional $20 after Round 3.  Please direct any finance questions to the Club Treasurer, Tim Gray (timothygray@echohockey.org.au).


Eastern Christian Hockey Organisation Inc

BSB: 033135  Acc: 396111
**Please quote player name and Winter2014 in the transaction details

ECHO Club Day 

Saturday 15th March 2:00 – 7:00pm at Koonung Hockey Ground – Details to follow

Feb 01

2014 Winter preseason

Harder Better Faster StrongerWe are gearing up for a massive 2014 season. Part of this is that we want ECHO to be even fitter and faster than last year – have the fittest team in all of our competitions. To do this we are kicking off our strongest pre-season to date – to achieve this we need you to get involved and committed.

The sessions will be sharp, tailored, targeted and look to push people to their limits (whatever that may be) and based around team work within an encouraging environment. The sessions are open to anyone in the ECHO community who wants to boost their fitness.

Details are:

Location: Wattle Park – Monsbourgh Drive, off Riversdale Road, Burwood – meet in the top car park

Saturday morning training: 1st February – start of the season 9:00-9:45am
- Mixture of aerobic and strength,
- Will seek to add more competitive components,
- Aims to push people depending of fitness and capabilities,
- Will run separate Men’s and Women’s session,
- Option of going out for coffee afterwards.

Thursday evening training: 6th February – 3rd April 7:00-7:45pm
- Firsts (VL3 and WM1) required sessions – although open to anyone – if you want to play Firsts (or help secure your place in the seconds) you’ll need to attend – if you are unable to attend and want to be considered for Firsts you need to let me know – I also strongly encourage everyone to give it a go.
- Mixture of strength and aerobic fitness relevant to hockey,
- Will be more competitively driven,
- Will run separate Men’s and Women’s sessions.

Really exciting season ahead. Some other dates to add to your diary include:

  • ECHO Winter season launch: Saturday 15 March 2014,
  • Hockey training for VicLeague: Wednesday, 5 March 2014 – 8:15-10:00pm Koonung SC
  • Hockey full Club training: Wednesday 12 March 2014 – 8:15-10:00pm Koonung SC
  • Season start: Saturday 26th April

Dec 23

ECHO 2013 Year in Review

It has been another fantastic year for ECHO hockey club and once again, thanks to everyone in the ECHO community for your enthusiasm and dedication, you continue to make ECHO such an amazing sporting club.

A lot happened, so to refresh your memories here is a brief summary of the 2013 ECHO year:


  • The 2012-13 Summer concluded with all teams making the finals and the mixed playing in the Grand Final. The Men also ended the season with an ECHO v ECHO showdown.

  • The preseason kicked off with our biggest and most structured fitness sessions to date, with the program running Monday nights and Saturday mornings throughout February right through to early March.


  • In torrential rain the first every Echo da Clown Men’s Challenge preseason tournament was held, Jonathan Wentworth’s ‘Southern Stars’ overcame the ‘Eastern Kings’ and the ‘Country Allstars’ (not sure if they actual team names but they were similar). The Women also had a practice match, while the Junior had a clinic.


  • New HV competition with a new structure kicked off in April and again ECHO added another team – this time a second Under 10 team – all up ECHO entered eight teams.

  • The Women reached Round 4 and numbers were desperately low…so they ran a social media recruitment and introduction to hockey training session – picked up a couple of new recruits, wasn’t enough so they held another two weeks later – they got the numbers and regained momentum.


  • The Senior teams struggled a little early on in the season before hitting a remarkable purple patch where they only lost two games across all 5 teams between rounds 5 and 11 – pushing all 5 teams into top 4 positions.


  • In Round 9 the Metro 3 Men’s team won 15-0, a new club record for the biggest win – Steve Forrest scored his first of two 5 goal hauls for the season.


  • The Club hosted its first ECHO Junior Gala day – huge thanks to Em Roberts for coordinating and running the day.

  • The VicLeague guys had an amazing come from behind win against other top 4 team Box Hill – gutsiest performance of the year.


  • The Men organised a whole of Club coffee and cake night and most of the Club showed up – thanks to Andy Messer for organising this.

  • Finally the new ECHO clash shirts and shorts/skorts showed up – we are looking more pro by the year – the men’s shirts are little larger than you expect and the shorts a little smaller – those you checked the size charts reaped the benefits!


  • Metro 3 Men and Metro 3 Women both finished the home and away season in 2nd, VicLeague finished 4th and Metro 1 Women finished 5th.  VicLeague Reserve finished the season in 4th, but after technicality perpetrated by the bottom team the ladders was redone resulting in them finishing 6th.

  • The U12 Junior team became the first ECHO Junior team to play finals, a great effort with the 1-2 loss in the qualifying final will put them in a good position for next year.

  • The U10A team were undefeated throughout the year – the first ECHO team to achieve this – the 9-8 win in the last round against the second placed team was a highlight.

  • VicLeague were eliminated 2-1 in the first round of finals, while both the Metro 3 teams lost but had a second chance.

  • The second round of finals saw the Men smash third placed OEM 8-2 and qualify for the Grand Final, unfortunately the Women went down 0-1 in extra time to Waverley.

  • The Metro 3 unfortunately lost the Grand Final 3-1 despite leading 1-0 at halftime – great season by the boys who are well placed to bring home the felt flag next year.

  • The ECHO Medal presentation was a huge success, with Tim Jensen showcasing the new Club song (can be seen here).  Award winners included Nat Oglesby – 2013 ECHO Medalist, James Bird – Golden stick, Michael Hare – Junior Golden stick, Jess Norris- Rookie of the Year, Jeremy Moore – The Clubperson “unofficial Glynnieman” Award and Ian Richardson – Umpire of the Year.


  • Summer kicked off with five teams, and for the first time we entered two Women’s team including an Under 21 Development side – this highlights how far the Club has come since the recruitment drive back in April/May.


  • Had ECHO’s first Double, double header.  In the Men’s ECHO gold came from behind from behind to steal a 2-1 win over ECHO red and in the Women’s our U21 young guns had a 3-0 win over an undermanned ECHO gold.

It has been a massive and exciting year, however 2014 promises to be just as exciting.  I encourage you all to get involved with 2014 as well as start recruiting (we would love to see both seasoned new players to ECHO and sporty newbies) for the 2014 winter season – the highlight for me for any hockey season is coming down to the first preseason event and meeting all the new players.

From the ECHO Committee, thank you for your support throughout 2013 and encourage you to get involved in 2014. We wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

ECHO Committee

Dec 15

Expressions of interst for roles

We have a range of vacant and new functions that we are seeking expressions of interest for a number of roles that need to be filled across the Club. We are keen for an Executive Committee that is representative of the Club.

It is worth noting that as outlined in the Club’s constitution, to be a Member of the Executive Committee you are required to be a Christian according to Romans 10:9-10 – this was originally done to ensure that ECHO continues as fundamentally a Christian Club.  To be a member of the a sub-committee you just need to sign up as either a full or Honorary member of the ECHO Association.


Junior Vice-President

  • Chair the Junior competition committee,

  • Provide oversight for the functioning and outcomes of the Junior unit,

  • Represent the Executive committee views on the Junior competition committee and feedback decisions,

  • Ensure meetings are held regularly,

  • Look at ways to lead and grow ECHO’s Junior unit and overcome the challenges that this unit currently faces (training grounds, recruitment, coaches etc) working with the Executive Committee and Club Development committees,

  • The role does not require any hockey experience, however experience in running committees would be preferable.



Uniform (ECHO wear) coordinator (Club Equip and Facilitate sub-committee)

  • Ensure players have access to new uniforms,

  • Order uniforms and maintain relationships with uniform providers,

  • Work with the Club Treasurer to manage finances and ensure the function is financially viable,

  • Explore new opportunities to grow ECHO wear.

First aid coordinator (Club Equip and Facilitate sub-committee)

  • Ensure all first aid kits are maintained and up to date,

  • Point of call for Team managers regarding restocking first aid equipment.

Club sponsorship coordinator (Club development sub-committee)

  • Actively explore new sponsorship and partnership opportunities,

  • Work with the Development committee to grow the reputation and profile of the the Club.

Club social coordinator (Club development sub-committee)

  • Coordinate between the Men’s, Women’s and Junior social coordinator to ensure social activities occur and are well organised,

  • Help coordinate these activities and that other members help,

  • Work with the Development committee to ensure the Club continues to maintain a positive culture.

Club recruitment coordinator (Club development sub-committee)

  • Actively explore new channels for recruiting new players,

  • Work with the Club Development committee to ensure that communications are appropriate.

Website and ICT coordinator (Club development sub-committee)

  • Lead a review of the clubs website, redevelop it and launch it before the next season,

  • Set-up the Clubs new App and ensure it is promoted and usable,

  • Coordinate other ICT functions and worth with the other Club Development members to ensure all functions are appropriately utlised – including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.

Junior Minkey coordinator (Junior competition committee)

  • Lead a review of the clubs Minkey program,

  • Look at building the Minkey program into HV’s Hook-in2-hockey program,

  • Ensure that Minkey programs is appropriately managed and coordinated.

If you are interested in any of these roles or think you can help in another way please send us an email at echohc@hockeyvictoria.org.au.

Sep 09

2013/14 Summer Season

You can now register to play Summer hockey for ECHO.  To register click here.

Summer hockey is a relatively casual and social competition which is great for all standards of hockey. This is great chance for new players to join the club. There are no official Hockey Victoria registrations and players who play for other clubs over winter are free to play summer hockey with ECHO.

If you are interested in playing please fill out the form below. Six teams per comp with 10 home and away rounds plus two weeks of finals. All games are played at the same ground. The usual grounds are Koonung, Waverley, Elgar Park or Camberwell.


Players of all standards are welcome and would love to see some new faces.  We also welcome non hockey players who can assist through team managing or umpiring.


Rounds 1 – 2: 21st October – 13th December

Christmas Break

Rounds 8 – 10:  23d February – 22 February

Finals: March


Mixed (Monday)

Men’s Masters (Monday)

Men’s (Tuesday)

Women’s (Wednesday)

Fees to be confirmed based HV costs.

Regular & Masters Players: $130.00
Student: $110.00

*Fees go up by $10 after Round 1 Click here to register.

Jul 01

State League 2012 Grand Final

Don’t have enough time to watch the 2012 State League 4 Men’s Grand Final?

That’s ok, Rod has shrunk it down into a minute long video.

Jan 10

New ECHO Masters team (35+) – Players wanted

This is a call to people interested in playing in a possible ECHO Masters team in 2013.

The Masters competition is ideal for players who no longer have the time to commit to weekend sport as games are on Monday nights, want to play against players of a similar age and want to stay fit playing a team sport.  Season Starts in April 2013 with finals in September.  The costs will be the same as Regular Open-aged costs (last year $370).  No set Masters training, however, players will be encouraged to train with the Metro squad on Wednesday nights at Konung Secondary College 8:15pm-9:30pm.

Recent Hockey Victoria restructure

Hockey Victoria has begun a major restructure of a number of its competitions, this includes the Masters (previously Veterans) competition.  The key component of this will be the shift from 40+ and 50+ competitions to 35+, 45+ and 55+ competitions - turning 35 this year.

ECHO’s Plans

For the team to be viable we will require at least 14 players who are 35+ or turning 35 in 2013.  If a team is to be entered it will be entered into the bottom level, so is ideal for new players as long as we have a good number of experienced players as well.

Next Steps

For this to be successful the establishment of the team needs to be driven by players rather than the committee.  The committee will provide the structure and resources required, but we need people who can drum up support, chase up potential players and lead this team. We look forward to hearing from people interested in helping establish the ECHO Masters team and playing in it, just email us at echohc@hockeyvictoria.org.au, go to the New Players online form.

Dec 24

2011-12 ECHO AGM


At risk of sounding a little cliché, 2011-12 was a break though year for ECHO. A year that saw two Winter Premierships and two Summer Grand Finals.  A year that saw the addition of a second Women’s team, our first full field junior team, an extra summer team and the development of a new structured Minkey program.

ECHO continued its amazing growth that has blessed the Club over the past few years. This year over 150 people played a Summer or Winter game in the red and gold.  This strength of numbers has played a significant role in the year’s success. For the first time ever all ECHO teams won more Summer games than lost and our senior teams won an incredible 54 games, scored 261 goals and even more remarkably only conceded 140 goals – the least number of goals conceded since 2005 (133) when we only had three teams and two of those made Grand Finals.

ECHO continues to attract new players and retain the old ones.  This has been highlighted by the current Summer season where we have had a further 20 new players join ECHO.  The Club’s influence and recognition continues and the result is a promising and exciting future for ECHO.

2012-13 promises to be no exception. The Club has already penciled in a new Men’s Masters team following the trial of a summer Masters team.  But, this may not be the only additional team in 2013. We had a large number of Under 12 girls which could make use of the new Under 12s girls competition, a second half field under 10’s side would add to the sustainability of the Juniors, and if we can retain the number of new players we gained over Summer we may have to consider a forth men’s team.  The graph below outlines the Clubs growth and what potential growth we could see if we continue to expand into new areas. (This is based on predicted team entries over the next three years.)

This growth, while really exciting, also poses a number of challenges.  These include: larger workload for club management that is increasingly further from the on-field action, greater facility pressures on a club that already has limited facility access and ensuring we have the resources and skills to meet the player’s needs.  These challenges increase in magnitude as ECHO grows.  It has been proposed that a new executive committee structure and more targeting competition committees be established to help enable this growth going forward and help meet some of these challenges.

The Club continues to maintain a fantastic Christ centered atmosphere where teams play and carry on a witness to the Hockey Victoria community. Going forward I would love to see a continued strong focus on encouragement and for ECHO to be known for this.  As I have said before, ECHO is a truly remarkable sporting Club.


David Oglesby

Club President


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Sep 17

Double Premiership!

ECHO’s fantastic 2012 Season has been capped off with a double Premiership, with both State League Men and Metro 2 Women taking out top honours.

Metro 2 Women – Despite the Women leading for the majority of the game thanks to an early goal, Southern United levelled the game late, forcing the game into extra time and eventually strokes. ECHO winning on the 8th round of strokes thanks to two fantastic saves by Michelle and then Leah putting her final stroke away.

State League 5 Men – The Men had a tough first half going in 1-1 at half time against Maccabi. In the second half ECHO lifted the intensity, putting away 3 goals. A late Maccabi goal was not enough to threaten ECHO’s lead, winning 4-2. Captain Tim Jensen breaking his jaw late in the game.

Well done to both the teams, deserving winners. Also, well done to all the players who played this year, the support and depth was a key factor in this years success. It’s exciting to see ECHO growing and thriving.



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